Business Solutions Focus


The SAP ERP solution benefits from accumulated industry know how gained over many implementation cycles. Combine complements the solution delivery by providing extensive financial, manufacturing, production process and logistics knowledge to the client.

Combine’s cumulative knowledge and experience provides support to client’s constrained in-house resources, for business requirement discovery, capture and process definition. This know-how allows Combine to convert the accepted business requirement into an effective technical specification for the actual application realisation, which forms the foundation for the successful solution implementation.

Contact Centre and BPO

A significant industry in many countries, many organisations provide Contact Centre and BPO services. Combine provides outsourcers who wish to extend their services extensive SAP know how and technical capabilities to provide for process integration to an outsource clients SAP landscape.

Combine Cloud Contact Centre

For those organisations with a small or medium sized 10-250 seat Contact Centre in single or multi-site configurations either as a start up or to replace redundant systems, Combine's Cloud Contact Centre solution provides a total multi-channel all IP customer interaction solution for inbound and outbound activities.

Strcutured on a user based pricing model but also depending on the range of process scenarios inlcuded the solutions is effectively deployed on demand on flexible contract terms, and can be matched to a sales/service campaign back to back if required. An organisation can easily extend or withdraw processes as they require them.

Combine A1 – industry focus – telecoms and media

Smaller and newer Telecoms and media CSP’s – often affiliates of larger CSP’s are often obligated to use the parent's system, which is designed for a larger, slower moving and less dynamic organisation. Conversely, a small enterprise solution which lacks range of function and has limited real process integration can hinder the development of an enterprise.

Combine expertise and industry knowledge complementing an SAP Business All-in-One solution will provide an excellent comprehensive solution option for the medium sized and smaller CSP.

These organisations need a broad based enterprise solution to provide the necessary range of process and function. Budgetary constraints inhibit the acquisition of best of breed component solutions and internal resources constraints limit the ability to manage a complex IT infrastructure. An All-in-One SAP solution provides the best of option providing rapid implementation low risk implementation combined with scalability and broad function with a controlled price.

The solution provides a fully functioning, stable and scalable ERP comprising: financials, procurement, budgeting, asset management and logistics and comprehensive Customer care solution and Campaign management with business intelligence and many other relevant components. The solution also provides for effective and rapid integration to any third party bill or rating applications using the built in Exchange infrastructure EAI application.

Combine provides an A1 SAP template that can either be used by single organisations or shared by multiple smaller affiliates within a large organisation. The integrated business processes available as standard within the application provides for foreseeable business requirements. The A1 solution, designed with the industry standard process model in mind, provides for the main OSS and BSS functions required in one solution. Omitting only very specific network related OSS application which may be easily integrated using SAP’s XI EAI integration broker, therefore minimising the number of applications required in the whole IT landscape.

Combine Bill

Combine’s own product Combine–Bill is a composite SAP application which provides a full BSS retail and wholesale billing capability. The product is designed for true real time event rating and comprehensive billing and self service functions. Customer and product data is centralised allowing for true single customer view plus many other business intelligence benefits.