SAP Contact Centre (formerly BCM)

SAP Contact Centre is a fully featured multi-channel unified communication contact centre platform. Providing flexible VOIP telephony plus inbound and outbound multi-channel contact centre functions and state of the art features fully integrated. The solution is designed for small, medium or large scale contact centre deployments either from the cloud, as a hybrid or fully on premise or WAN. See details HERE

Combine Contact Centre (BCM) Implementations

Combine focuses purely on effective and efficient low cost SAP Contact Centre solution deployments, for SME's and Large Enterprise.

SME implementation

The emphasis for SME is agile, rapid implementation based on a cloud platform, to provide cost effective state of the art contact centre function to smaller enterprises.

Combine also offers integration with and other cloud contact centre and CRM platforms

Large enterprise implementation

For larger enterprise the emphasis is on rapid implementation and integrated delivery from 6-8 weeks. SAP Contact Centre is the only solution with native SAP CRM ERP integration and can be implemented for any existing SAP CRM solution, or SAP cloud platform:- SAP CRM for Sales and SAP CRM for Service.

SAP Contact Centre unlocks legacy CRM upgrades and provides organisations a route to access multi-channel unified queue function and the comprehensive capabilities of later SAP CRM versions without the pain, risk and extreme cost of migrating complex CTI integration.

SAP Contact Centre provides a low cost (unusually for SAP...) resilient solution.

SAP Contact Centre is ideal for integration with any legacy or new CRM from any vendor or any contact centre desk top or web application requiring to be communication enabled.