Enterprise Application Implementation

Combine has provided many SAP application implementations and enhancements including:

  • Custom interfaces
  • Application enhancements
  • Template integration packages for ISV products

In the context of enterprise application implementation, custom development of the application is always considered to be a last resort since it results in on going maintenance with upgrade and support issues. The key is comprehensive knowledge of the standard application function aligned with process know how.

Combined solutions aim to meet the business requirement, budget and timeframes. Combine utilises agile management methodologies with an innovative, constructive and proactive approach to implementation. Combine develops solutions utilising a combination of the agile Mendix application Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure and/or Abap for SAP application development. Combine will recommend the Mendix platform to customers where:

  • the business requirements needs to be achieved quickly and cost effecively
  • a cloud infrastructure is a preferred option
  • SAP process integration is necessary.

The result is high quality solution with minimum development. Where development is unavoidable, Combine’s experience in end to process integration and composite application development means that a complete solution can be provided.