Categories: General
      Date: Oct 15, 2011
     Title: Mendix Partnership
Combine becomes a Mendix partner. Combine has been awarded partner status for Mendix, the agile development platform as a service solution.

Combine has become a partner to Mendix. Combine will aim to take advantage of the Mendix rapid agile application development capabilities to build functional business solutions with fully certified SAP integration capabilities. Mendix provides enterprises the opportunity to rapidly develop key business functionality and enhanced existing ERP based processes to meet specific business needs.

Mendix solutions can be deployed very quickly and cost effectively. The Mendix application is typically deployed directly from the Mendix cloud PaaS infrastructure, providing a quick and resilient infrastructure solution.

Mendix projects are completed using the Scrum agile application development methodology, providing for iterative application devleoment "sprints" to ensure business requirements are delivered quickly and accurately.